RubyNepal Meetup Update

Ruby and Rails Meetup Nepal

(Meetup held every 2nd Sunday of the Month)

You are warmly welcome to drop-in at the meetup event; participate (bring along friends), get to know the local Ruby/Rails community or volunteer at the event and relief your stress with Ruby love. Sharing your experience, problems and tips are always appreciated and encouraged.

Talks for this month’s Ruby Meetup event can be found at

Never heard of Ruby? Eager to start learning Rails? Freshers/Juniors or Seniors; all are expected to show up at the event where all levels of conversation/ideas/views are discussed.

People at the meetup are MINASWAN (friendly, helpful and nice) so don’t hesitate to ask/share anything as we are open-source minded. If there’s any topic you think should be covered at the meetup event then please let us know by adding/opening issues at speaking in front of others? then do add your title there-in as well.

Want to present and can’t find a title? Even better option is to pick one up from the issue list or add your own presentation title, challenge yourself (or dare your friend) to give a talk & prove yourself to get featured on RubyNepal blog and add that to your resume.


Sponsors make it possible to organize these events which uplift and promote the ruby community activities. Any Company/Person/Group can come upfront to volunteer at the event or sponsorvenue space, snacks (tea/coffee), cash, rubynepal goodies, etc. Sponsor logo will be advertised and circulated in the meetup banner image along with a “Thank you” note.

Anything else do Follow & (Re)Tweet @ruby_nepal, email or contact me (Saroj).

In the meantime, enjoy snapshots from previous RubyNepal meetups.


For more info visit:

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup