Ruby and Rails Meetup Nepal

(Meetup held every 2nd Sunday of the Month)

You are warmly welcome to drop-in at the meetup event; participate (bring along friends), get to know the local Ruby/Rails community or volunteer at the event and relief your stress with Ruby love. Sharing your experience, problems and tips are always appreciated and encouraged.

Talks for this month’s Ruby Meetup event can be found at

Never heard of Ruby? Eager to start learning Rails? Freshers/Juniors or Seniors; all are expected to show up at the event where all levels of conversation/ideas/views are discussed.

People at the meetup are MINASWAN (friendly, helpful and nice) so don’t hesitate to ask/share anything as we are open-source minded. If there’s any topic you think should be covered at the meetup event then please let us know by adding/opening issues at speaking in front of others? then do add your title there-in as well.

Want to present and can’t find a title? Even better option is to pick one up from the issue list or add your own presentation title, challenge yourself (or dare your friend) to give a talk & prove yourself to get featured on RubyNepal blog and add that to your resume.


Sponsors make it possible to organize these events which uplift and promote the ruby community activities. Any Company/Person/Group can come upfront to volunteer at the event or sponsorvenue space, snacks (tea/coffee), cash, rubynepal goodies, etc. Sponsor logo will be advertised and circulated in the meetup banner image along with a “Thank you” note.

Anything else do Follow & (Re)Tweet @ruby_nepal, email or contact me (Saroj).

In the meantime, enjoy snapshots from previous RubyNepal meetups.


For more info visit:

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup

Happy New Year to all the Rubyists out there from A common way to celebrate new year is by revisiting moments from your past, so I decided to conduct the first edition of the year 2016’s monthly Ruby and Rails Meetup at CloudFactory. It was nostaligic for me to go back to the place from where I learnt so much and is filled with so many good memories.

As for the meetup itself, two presentation talks were given during the event held on Jan 10th, for which around 35 developers turned up.

The first talk was titled “Performance Improvement of Rails Application” by Sadiksha Gautam. She is currently working as Software Developer at EnerNOC, a Ruby on Rails based company in Munich, Germany and was eager to share her experience even before she arrived back to Nepal.

Some good tips on profiling, caching and optimization were shared along with her slides which you can sneak into your Rails app and claim your performance bonus raise. Kudos to Sadiksha for giving the presentation while being unwell. Get well soon!

Docker is new rage in the developer universe and DevOps Manager, Bikash Kaji Basukala wasn’t far behind. He showed all the tricks he had pulled off with tools like Docker, Jenkins CI, Github APIs and Hipchat to automate and scale the ever-growing CloudFactory, a Ruby on Rails startup enterprise from Nepal to millions of users around the world.

Too bad if you missed this advanced talk as some serious Q&A took place afterwards which was rather informative to anyone who is facing problem scaling apps from monolith to SOA to microservices. Checkout the cool diagrams from his slides of “Scaling CI with Docker @ CloudFactory”.

If you haven’t heard then we hangout on Slack and use github issues to schedule and manage our meetup presentations. You can pick/open issue if you want to share your experience or want others to present on topic that intrests you.

Meetup attendees thank Bibek Shrestha from Austria for the wonderful stickers all the way from RubyConf 2015 (Texas, US).

Also, warm greetings to CloudFactory for allowing us to use the spacious training hall and snacks for the event. Like it’s said, “One step into the past, one into the future”. Both speakers happen to be my good old #RubyFriends and it was good to see some old faces! So, don’t forget your friends and take care of your family.

Have a great year ahead and see you at the next Ruby and Rails meetup

Event page:

High resolution snapshots:

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup

After months of hurdles and fuel crisis, we’re finally continuing our monthly Ruby Meetup. Around 30 ruby enthusiasts showed up for the december meetup held on 20th December 2015. I was very glad and a little nervous to host the event for the very first time. I would like to thank Saroj dai for providing me the opportunity to host the event.

First speaker was Ludwine Probst, data engineer from France. Despite having Mathematics as her academic background, she talked about how she is enjoying her career as a software developer. She also shared her experience as a developer in France. She explained her journey from France to Asian countries to know more about the woman involvement on IT world. Rather than a talk, it was an interactive session with the meetup participants.

Second speaker was Ganesh Kunwar, Sr. Ruby Developer from Jyaasa on the topic “Test Driven Development(TDD Basics)”. He briefly explained on how TDD can be practiced easily with gems like RSpec, Test/Unit, Capybara with some code samples. He shared his experience on TDD workflow on codebase. He shed some light on TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDT (Development Driven Test) approach which not only clarified the value of TDD in QC (Quality Control) but also significantly improving the overall architecture of the system design itself. You can download the slides here

A big thank you to CloudFactory for sponsoring December RubyNepal Meetup and Innovation Hub Kathmandu for the awesome venue.

We are using github issue to manage our meetup presentation. You can open issue if you want to share your experience or present on topic that intrests you.

See you at next Ruby and Rails meetup

Susan Joshi – josisusan

Co-organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup

The monthly Ruby Meetup was held on the 2nd Sunday of September last week. Local ruby enthusiasts came together to quench and moreover arouse appetite for learning.

Two presentations were given during the meetup. First was a follow-up of our last meetup on front-end development; Asset Management in Rails by Susan Joshi. Things got serious when Prasvin Pandey steered ahead to dive into MetaProgramming in Ruby. Gladly no-one dozed off as things got pretty cozy.

  • You can download the slides and example codes from here.

A big shout out to our sponsors for the September event. Get in touch if you or your company wants to sponsor and promote the event in future.

1) Innovation Hub Kathmandu for graciously allowing us to use the venue.

2) Leapfrog.Academy who are currently teaching a course on Web Development with Ruby on Rails.

3) Codyssey Web Nepal, a RoR dev shop.

In a true developer fashion, going forward we’ll be using github to manage meetup presentations. You can go ahead and open issues in for:

  • Either something you want to present on

  • Show off what you have built or working on

  • Things you want to learn about

I overheard there was an inspiring entrepreneur speech involved during the networking session at the end. Picture proofs

See you at the next Ruby and Rails meetup!

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup

Every year around the world there are ruby meetup and rails meetup happenings, so why not organise Ruby/Rails Meetup here at Kathmandu. This meetup will not be just an event but also be a point of unite and interaction and sharing of knowledge and experiences between the distributed ruby developers in kathmandu valley.

This will be a regular event happening once a month, to be specific; every second Sunday of the month starting August 9th, 2015.

We want a lot of people and groups to be engaged to make this event success. Feel free to suggest us ideas and to come up forward.

And if you want to present or be a speaker at the meetup, you are most welcome and this is your time to send us details.

Thought about speaking? Want to give speaking at Ruby on Rails Meetup a shot, but not sure what to talk about?

Even if you have a tiny inkling that you’d want to speak, like your experience, technology, tips and tricks, even maybe a tutorial, we’ll help you to ideate, write and present.

Great business starts with unsurpassed people skills, it is a great oppurtunity for tech business houses to be promoted and find connections at the event. We welcome sponsorship of any kind financial, promotional, resources or even may be a service or server.

For more details and to RSVP checkout our meetup page at

See you at the next Ruby and Rails meetup!

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup

The tech scene in Kathmandu is ever growing but it is rather lacking a sense of community. Dev Meetup aims to fill this void with a regular meetup for developers where like minded individuals can gather, get to know each other and share their ideas/views.

The meetup will be carried out monthly (last Saturday of the month) to cover web development topics like ‘ruby’, ‘rails’, ‘javascript’, ‘devops’, ‘databases’, etc.

The first successful Dev Meetup was held on July 26, 2014 at CloudFactory, the next Dev Meetup is scheduled for August 30th, 2014 at the same venue.

Sign up at to join us. Kudos to CloudFactory for sponsoring both the events.

Follow us @ruby_nepal for latest updates and news.

If you are not sure what to expect or missed the 1st Dev Meetup, check out the pics and videos from the first one.


FB Event Pics and Details:

Videos And Slides:

I) 10 Ways We Can Be Better by Mark Sears@marktsears

Slides – Mark DevMeetup Talk

II) Ansible by Bikash Kaji Basukala@kajisaap

Slides – Kaji DevMeetup Talk

III) Ember.js with Ember-Cli by Sachin Sagar Rai@millisami

Slides – Millisami DevMeetup Talk

If you want to be a speaker in future meetups or wish someone would impart the knowledge or have any suggestions, then do let us know. If you want to host / sponser the event at your company then ping @zoraslapen.

Looking forward to meet you guys!

Saroj Maharjan – zoras

Organiser, Dev Meetup

We are organising 4 sessions(one session per 2 week) ruby on rails training series at Hetauta School of Management for BIM final year students from May 25, 2013. We recieved an special invitation from the college to do this training ans we are pleased to aid the college for conducting such extra curricular programs that will help students to broaded their skills and also we are happy to spread the ruby and ruby on rails wisedom to our next-generation IT professionals.

Our training structure is designed as shown below:

  • [May 25] Front-End Web Basics (HTML5/CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, AJAX, JSON)
  • [June 8] Ruby Literacy session (Ruby Installation and Ruby Basics, irb, OOP and Ruby, Modules and File Operations, Blocks )
  • [June 22] Getting started with Rails (RubyGems, Rails Installation, Rails Basics)
  • [July 6] Up with Rails ( Advance Rails, debugging, deloyment with heroku, Project)

if you are around Hetauda, You can catch us at Hetauda School Of Management.

This is not another getting started with octopress guide, this is sharing of our experience and couple of hacks we did while developing rubynepal, that may be helpful to others.

In the beginning of June 2013, We came up with this idea of building a community website for ruby developers of nepal. We didn’t need to have a full content management features but we needed features like blog support, pages support, ease for deployments and easy contributing mechanism. Finally, we decided to build with octopress and github pages. With this we could to tap out Markdown without needing a web-based WYSIWYG editor and type a command to send everything up to the free Github Pages service and our whole website would be a github repo, perfect for collaboration.

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